Solutions and Services

Across the board we find that customers face the same challenges in managing customer support systems and contact centers. Outdated and hard to find information and uninformed customer representatives result in poor customer service and frustrated customers. Safeharbor has an extensive line of tools and services to help you solve these challenges:

Knowledge Base and Forums Software

SmartSupport™ is a unified knowledge base and community forums platform. Provide your agents and customers with the best answers in record time.

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SmartTEST™ Article Optimizer

SmartTEST™ allows knowledge base administrators to systematically improve support content and cross selling opportunities through A/B testing methodologies.

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Knowledge Management

Safeharbor has been providing Knowledge Management Services to small and Fortune 500 customers for over a decade. Our expertise covers all your needs:

  • Content assessment
  • Content creation & testing
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Contact center alignment

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Contact Center & BPO Services

Safeharbor provide a range of Contact Center and BPO services. We work on continuously improving the metrics, ensuring:

  • Customer satisfaction gains
  • Improved retention levels
  • Cost reductions
  • Quality improvement

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