Knowledge Base Management Services

Safeharbor specializes in helping businesses organize and manage their knowledge bases and support content. Our knowledge management solutions help companies evolve the way they capture, use, and improve their support to engage with and retain customers. We increase efficiency across entire organizations, improving processes among customer support, operations, development and sales.

Capturing and Reusing Knowledge

Knowledge-centered approach to customer support

Safeharbor’s knowledge-centered approach is designed to improve the efficiency of your support site. We create systems that focus on knowledge as a key asset. Our methodologies and practices for capturing, structuring, and re-using technical knowledge minimize support costs and streamline your knowledge management capabilities.

The knowledge-centered approach seeks to create support content directly from issues as they are addressed through problem management. Any time a support question is resolved the knowledge can be captured and added to the knowledge base. Why answer the same question several times when answers can be stored and re-used for future use?

In addition to developing strategies for capturing and re-using technical knowledge, we help companies effectively maintain their knowledge. Content evolves based on demand and usage. As users interact with the knowledge base they continuously review it and provide feedback. If an agent discovers inaccuracies, the content is updated or flagged. If a user is not satisfied with an answer, the interaction is immediately rallied to the support team. This dynamic approach ensures that knowledge is maintained efficiently, lowering costs and improving user satisfaction.

Unlike traditional methods of knowledge-engineering, Safeharbor’s knowledge-centered approach considers knowledge the focal part of customer support. By capitalizing on the knowledge companies possess and create on a daily basis we break through the limitations of current support strategies and deliver greater efficiency.

Content Creation and Consolidation

Knowledge Base is efficiency and better customer service

Any company that offers information about its services and products – whether it is manuals, FAQ’s, tutorials, etc. – understands the importance of facilitating the access to this knowledge base. By taking the time to organize the information your company holds and finding an easy way to share it, you can significantly and continuously improve your customer service and employee performance.

Furthermore, proper knowledge base management tools will determine the relevance and strength of your knowledge base, the scalability and control you have over the environment, and ultimately the experience and satisfaction your customers will receive from using the knowledge base.

Knowledge Management Analysis and Recommendations

Creating and improving your knowledge base

Support knowledge is a living entity that requires continuous improvement processes. Organizations that are information intensive which may have hundreds or even thousands of documents in multiple formats that are both hard to find or might no longer be relevant. The result is higher support costs and customer dissatisfaction via escalations from increased customer support phone calls, chats and emails.

Our Knowledge Management Team can examine your content, determine if your content matches your service issues, filter the outdated or duplicated information, reuse and develop new articles based on the results of our analysis. Using this diagnostic process we will improve, consolidate, and create a more effective knowledge base to help your customers get answers quickly and efficiently. If you are just starting out and have a limited knowledge base, we can also provide content discovery, creation, reduction, and analysis of effectiveness.

Growing and managing your knowledge base allows you to make the search for answers targeted and efficient. We ensure customer satisfaction doesn’t get in the way of great customer service. Safeharbor provides your agents and customers with services and tools that integrate seamlessly with your knowledge base, allowing you to continuously improve customer service.

Taxonomy and Standards

Manage and streamline your knowledge base

The key defining criteria for knowledge products and services are the needs of the end-user. We consider the user to be a partner in the learning process, not just a passive receiver. This is done by testing articles and comparing, contrasting and monitoring customer and agent interactions, thus providing ample opportunity for feedback through surveys and comments.

Our team of experts will help you align your knowledge base and your contact center for optimal ROI. Using call driver data analysis we help create a facilitated collaboration workflow that continually chip away at call volumes. We assist with call driver reduction with the development of additional articles that can reduce call volume and lower handled times in your contact center. We also help create a collaboration culture for capturing, sharing, using, and improving collective knowledge for deployment into the broader agent pool.

Safeharbor can help ensure that customers with the same question receive the same response, regardless of agent, interaction channel (e.g., phone, Web, e-mail, chat), interaction mode (self, assisted or proactive service) or even service organization (in-house or outsourced). The resulting service consistency not only increases customer satisfaction, but additionally helping divert a significant amount of contact center traffic to less costly electronic channels such as Web self-service, as customers start to trust the quality of service in those channels. Using a seamless, logical transition improves the users experience and reinforces the future use.

Ongoing Value

The benefits of our Knowledge Management Services

Safeharbor helps you balance ongoing efficiencies with service quality and the customer experience. Educating agents to use inactive calls, chats, emails to educate your customers on self-service tools so that you can bridge the gap between self-service and live service.

Our Knowledge Management Team provides assistance with taxonomy, standardization, and best practices. We help with classification, developing and applying consistent workflows and guides for article development. These steps ensure articles are concise, consistent and searchable.

The process for improving your knowledge management systems and contact center is a collaborative team effort. Our focus is the achievement of your business objectives and our experts are available to work with you in daily, bi-weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly meetings. We provide ongoing assistance for all your initiatives to reduce call volume and handle times in your contact center. An improved knowledge base organizes your information in way that benefits your employees, your customers, and your companies, saving time and money. Get the help you need to manage your knowledge base.

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