Major Metropolitan Power Company

Knowledge Management never ends, it is a living growing entity that continually needs to change based off the needs of the customers and our business processes. Safeharbor’s knowledge management services are outstanding and exactly what we needed!


Major metropolitan Power Company wanted a complete redesign of the internal and external support sites. They selected Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform – SmartSupport – for their upgrade. This was a significant undertaking and they needed assistance from our services group to make the transition. The company also wanted to optimize their knowledge base content.

Our Work:

Safeharbor’s knowledge management team conducted a data scrub of all internal content and recreated a taxonomy based on the contact center’s current needs and terminology. The scrub included deleting all duplicate information and updating the content with current business processes and images. The new articles were tagged to improve search capabilities.

For external content we looked at all the call center data, determined the top call drivers, and created articles for their external clients that would effectively help deflect calls and decrease call volume, call time, and hold times.


Safeharbor significantly improved the company’s support site. SmartSupport helped streamline the company’s call center and provided an effective self-help solution. Our knowledge base management team continuously improved performance by running reports for web traffic and self-help numbers and compiling feedback for both external users and internal users to ensure the best most accurate information was available. Support request deflection rate was increased by 30% (the percentage represents unique visitors that utilized the help of the knowledge base).

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