Major South-Eastern Bank – SunTrust

We couldn’t be happier with our choice in using Safeharbor! We continue to meet all of our objectives and we are well under budget. The Safeharbor staff is professional and most of all knowledgeable and helpful!


Major Bank was interested in obtaining analytic data of customer behavior on their support site in order to improve customer experience and gain business intelligence. As part of their process the bank selected Safeharbor’s SmartSupport knowledge base platform.

Our Work:

During the implementation process, our team reviewed support site content and identified changes that needed to be addressed based on the banks upcoming web site upgrade. We also tailored a knowledge management strategy that would ensure the bank could rely on analytical feedback to continuously improve the performance of their support site.


Safeharbor’s knowledge management services helped the bank accomplish their goals. The new platform simplified internal updates to content through the administrator access while access to analytic data of customer experiences helped improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction tenfold.

The new knowledge management approach helped the bank maximize support-site ROI. Support costs were cut by over 25%, customer satisfaction score increased by 30%, and the use of the self-service increased by 20%.

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