Manufacturing Customer

Safeharbor KMS services are great! The work they completed deflected the end of life calls and we were able to maintain our SLA’s with minimal staff. The services they provide are competitively priced and are well worth it. We highly recommend Safeharbor KMS services to everyone!


Manufacturing customer expected tenfold increase in call volume due to upcoming end of life of product. The company was looking for a way to deflect calls and reduce phone wait time by increasing use of self-service. Self-service would help minimize the need for additional staff during this period of heavy call volume.

Our Work:

Safeharbor’s knowledge management team worked to increase and improve the use of self-service. We optimized the company’s existing content, created new articles, and added troubleshooting guides. The main support page was redesigned to ensure that the most important content was easily accessible and the end of life issue explained. Our team also analyzed and updated the IVR scripts for both business hours and after hours to encourage the use of the support site.


Safeharbor helped the company increase service levels and responsiveness to its customers. Moreover, we prevented the increase in call volume that was expected.

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