Specialty Retail Jeweler

Safeharbor’s KMS services are fantastic! They were able to meet tight deadlines and they produced very high quality results. We will definitely be using them again for future projects!


Leading national specialty retail jeweler needed help transferring support content to a new support platform. The company had over a 1000 articles on the old knowledge base platform that had to be revised and reformatted. The company chose Safeharbor for the job.

Our Work:

The retailer’s support content came in large variety of formats: PDF files, Word documents, HTML pages, Excel sheets, etc. All the support materials had to be converted into a uniform language code supported by the new platform. The project had a tight timeline and there were hundreds of articles that had to be reviewed, modified, and published in a very short time.


Safeharbor’s knowledge management services group helped the company identify and move all the relevant support content to the new knowledge base system. We finished the project ahead of time and well within the budget.

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