State of Washington

Industry: Government

Organization Size: 2500 employees

Organization Profile: The State of Washington is a recognized technology leader and continues that leadership with extranet solutions.

Solution History: Access Washington™ ( is the Washington state government’s official Web site. The site was born out of Washington’s aggressive “digital government” initiative and its commitment to providing online support to its citizens and access to information 24×7.

Solution & Results: To achieve its support goal, the state chose to partner with Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, a company specializing in Web Self-Service (WSS) Support Solutions. WSS drives inquiries away from assisted support to the more tax-payer efficient support system.

The success of Access Washington prompted additional state agencies to leverage Safeharbor for online self-service.

Department of Licensing (DOL)

DOL is comprised of five licensing and regulation divisions: Driver Services, Vehicle Services, Business & Professions, Information Services, and Management Services.

Benefits: Assisted support costs for the DOL online Report of Sale and Vehicle License transactions were decreased by over 60% as a result of using Safeharbor’s web self-help solution.

Its vision was to set new standards of excellence in customer service, consumer protection and public safety.

Safeharbor helps the DOL realize its vision by providing web self-service support for:

  • License Identification Card Replacement
  • Change of Address
  • Master License Service
  • Vessel Decal Renewal
  • Vehicle License Service
  • Business or Professional Licensing Renewal
  • Online Drivers
  • Report of Sale
  • Driver and Plate Search

Department of Information Services (DIS)

DIS leads the state’s digital government efforts through a combination of telecommunications and computing infrastructures, and offers a unique learning environment for building online applications at an accelerated pace.

Benefit : Safeharbor’s solution helped Washington State drive and sustain self-service rates of more than 90%.

Safeharbor developed and delivered self-service for the following Web sites and online applications and services for DIS.

Secure Access: The state’s security services for protecting Web-based government services from tampering, and allowing safe, reliable online transactions among citizens, businesses and government organizations.

Department of Labor and Industry (L&I)

L&I is a diverse state agency dedicated to the safety, health and security of Washington’s nearly two million workers.

Benefit: With SmartSupport , the Department of Labor and Industry efficiently handled quarterly information spikes without having to staff additional personal.

Safeharbor provided online support for L&I Web-based applications and services, including:

  • Express Filing
  • Workers Compensation File Information
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Electrical Permit Purchasing and Inspection Request
  • Provider Express Billing
  • Electronic Filing of Intent and Affidavit Forms
  • Claims and Account Center
  • QuickCards
  • Prevailing Wage Rate Database

I want our state and our state agencies to make it easier for citizens to interact with government… I want to free up all the bureaucratic steps and reduce costs so we can move those dollars into the direct delivery of services

Governor Gary Locke

Thank you very much for the information. That was very impressive and amazing. Wonderful service from a government service – only in Washington. Thank you again

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