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Knowledge Management Industry needs: As businesses move more support services online, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage their content. The process to convert and host documentation, keep data organized and consistent, as well as keep all the information current is a known challenge. We can help and because of our expertise, innovative tools and unique US location we can do it for less than you might imagine.

Knowledge Management Services Benefits & Solution:

Many companies have already implemented a knowledge management solution. No matter which solution you are using, we are available to help at any point in your support service process. We can start with inputting your information into your tools all the way to being a best practice resource for your existing knowledge base. In fact, we work with all different types of companies to help with some or all of the following:

  • Content assessment
  • Content creation and testing
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge base and contact center alignment
  • Taxonomy
  • Best practices

Safeharbor Knowledge Management Services (KMS) helps you maximize your knowledge management ROI and align your contact center metrics to reduce your support costs. Our services work in alignment with your business objectives and goals. We help you balance ongoing efficiencies with service quality and customer experience so that you can bridge the gaps between self-service, live service, and customer satisfaction.

Support content is a living entity and must be kept up to date. Content that is outdated or stale leads to increased support costs and customer dissatisfaction via escalations from increased customer phone calls, chats and e-mails.

Content Assessment

Our knowledge management team examines all of your content; we test to determine if your content matches your service issues, filter out old articles and develop new articles based on results from our gap analysis.

Content Creation:

Our knowledge engineers will improve, consolidate, and create more effective articles to help your customers get answers quickly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Content discovery, creation, reduction, and analysis of effectiveness.
  • Creating, editing, and publishing content from scratch in any environment.

The key defining criteria for knowledge products and services are the needs of the end-user. We look at the end user as a partner in the learning process, and not just a passive receiver. This is done by testing articles and comparing, contrasting and monitoring customer and agent interactions.

Analysis & Alignment

Safeharbor KMS helps you align your knowledge management and your contact center for optimal ROI. Using call driver data analysis we help create work flows that continually chip away at call volumes. We assist with call driver reduction to help develop additional articles that can reduce call volume and lower handled times in your contact center. We also help create a culture of capturing tribal and complex knowledge for deployment into the broader agent pool.

We help ensure that customers with the same question receive the same response, regardless of agent, interaction channel (e.g., phone, Web, e-mail, chat), interaction mode (self, assisted or proactive service) or even service organization (in-house or outsourced). Consistency not only increases customer satisfaction, but also helps divert a significant amount of contact center traffic to less costly electronic channels such as Web self-service.

Taxonomy & Best Practices

Safeharbor KMS provides assistance with taxonomy, standardization, and best practices. We help with classification, developing and applying consistent workflows and guides for article development. These steps ensure articles are concise, consistent and searchable. Safeharbor KMS provides ongoing assistance for all your initiatives to reduce call volume and handle times in your contact center.

American Airlines and SafeHarbor have been in partnership for 10 years. The self-help knowledge management has been incredibly effective in reducing costs. The team has always been proactive in looking for ways to optimize the help center. SafeHarbor and team have always received an A++ in our book.

– B. Brownfield

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