Achieving Knowledge Base ROI through proven expertise in article creation LOW COST, HIGH TOUCH

Knowledge Management Services & On-going Support:

While most companies report initial success with new knowledge management projects, they are quickly de-emphasized and a year later a once-popular knowledge base stops delivering value.

The process to keep data organized, consistent and most importantly current is a daunting and often expensive challenge. It’s not hard to imagine that ROI quickly diminishes. Outdated or missing data within neglected knowledge bases can lead to:

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Increased phone calls, chats and emails
  • Overall higher support costs

Safeharbor’s Knowledge Management Services group specializes in assisting companies with their knowledge base solutions. We have been providing low cost help to Fortune 500 and small companies alike for over a decade.

We Can Help!

Depending on your needs, our knowledge management team can:

  • Examine some or all of your content
  • Test to determine if your content matches your service issues
  • Provide guidance on filtering out old articles
  • Assist with the development of new articles

We work with your teams to improve, consolidate, and create more effective and up to date articles. We can create, modify, edit, and publish content and make it work in any environment. Use us as an a la carte service on an as needed basis. This is especially valuable if funding is reduced or ongoing in-house maintenance is too expensive or time consuming.

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