SmartSupport: the next generation of Knowledge Base Software.

SmartSupport unifies knowledge base software and community forums to deliver an all-in-one web self-service solution. Join small, medium, and Fortune-500 companies that are using SmartSupport for knowledge management and support.

Simple and Intuitive

User-friendly and easy to set up. Equip your site with an intuitive knowledge base and community forum in minutes. Seamlessly customize your support site to match the look and feel of your brand, streamlining the customer experience!

Powerful and Customizable

Powerful knowledge base management capabilities. Equipped with a robust search engine that indexes all of your content, SmartSupport makes it extremely easy to find precise answers. Powerful tools and features provide knowledge base administrators complete control of their support site.

Cost Effective

Maximize Knowledge Base and Forums ROI. Quick and accurate answers improve customer satisfaction and maximize agent effectiveness by reducing handling time and increasing first contact resolution rates.

Templates and Easy Theme Customization

Choose from a large selection of beautiful and fully-customizable templates. Designing a personal support site has never been easier.

Completely replicate the look and feel of your brand. You have full control of your theme. Fine-tune your external support site in seconds.

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Cutting-edge Knowledge Base Platform

Take full control of your content. SmartSupport provides powerful knowledge base management tools and features.

  • Rely on a Robust Search Engine to quickly find the best answers.
  • Create Permission-Based Workflows, Alerts, Custom Forms, Troubleshooting Guides, and more.

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Share Knowledge with Community Forums

Maximize ROI by turning your customers into your champions. Use the forum community to grow your external knowledge base and realize the value of your customers.

Email is dead! Why spend resources answering the same questions over and over again. Forums eliminate support inefficiencies and offer the same workflow, routing and notification capabilities as email.

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Optimize Your Knowledge Base, Maximize ROI

SmartTEST™ Article Optimizer is a patented tool that simplifies knowledge base optimization.

  • Justify your knowledge base projects with real test data.
  • Systematically optimize knowledge base ROI and user satisfaction.
  • Analyze user behavior and knowledge base performance.

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Provide Complete Support with a Unified Platform

SmartSupport™ offers an all-in-one customer support platform. Effectively manage your knowledge base and community forums from one place. Deflect inbound calls and improve customer service.

SmartSupport™ is fully customizable and offers a variety of support add-ons. Equip your support site with Live Chat, Call Center, Ticketing System, FAQs, and more.

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