SmartSupport is cutting-edge knowledge base software.

SmartSupport unifies knowledge base software and community forums to deliver an all-in-one SaaS web self-service solution.

Tools and Features

SmartSupport provides powerful knowledge base management tools and features.

Fast & Intelligent Search
Take full control of your content. SmartSupport’s fast and intelligent search algorithms find the best results as you type your question.

Easy Article Creation
An intuitive article editor makes it easy to create media-rich articles equipped with alerts, custom forms, tagging, and troubleshooting guides.

Unlimited Portals
Don’t be limited to an internal and external knowledge base. Create as many portals as you need, each one customized to your liking.

Templates and Theme Customization

Choose from a large selection of beautiful and fully-customizable templates.

Designing a personal support site has never been easier. Completely replicate the look and feel of your brand. Or pick from a wide selection of ready-to-go templates.

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Community Forums

Create a knowledge sharing community.

Email is dead! Why spend resources answering the same customer support questions over and over again in private exchanges. Forums offer the same workflow, routing and notification capabilities as email but leave the conversation open to the community.

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SmartTest Article Optimizer

Optimize your knowledge base. Maximize ROI.

SmartTEST™ Article Optimizer is a patented tool that simplifies knowledge base optimization through automated A/B testing.

  • Justify your knowledge base projects with real test data.
  • Systematically optimize knowledge base ROI and user satisfaction.
  • Analyze user behavior and knowledge base performance.

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Unified, Mutli-Channel Support

Provide complete support with a unified platform.

SmartSupport is an all-in-one customer support platform. Effectively deflect inbound calls and improve customer service by equipping your support site with community forums, live chat, call center, and more.

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