SmartSupport: Community Forums

SmartSupport is a leading solution for building a thriving forum community. Rely on forums to provide users with community driven support, share information, and collect feedback.

Advantages of a Community Forum Platform

Lower Support Costs

Your customers have experience using your products and solutions: why not realize their value as knowledgeable community members? Having a forum to share experiences, ideas, and advice, allows users to become trusted resources for cost-effective peer-to-peer support. Free assistance in addition to your own support team creates a powerful forum community which can significantly lower support costs.

Grow your Knowledge Base

Forum contributions are a great way to generate support content for your knowledge base. When resolving a problem over email or ticketing, use SmartSupport to share it in the forum or even directly into the knowledge base where it can benefit the entire community, instead of just one customer or better still encourage your customers to ask questions using the forum. SmartSupports forum workflows allows you to respond immediately or as you choose to all forum posts.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

Self-service is the future of customer support. Every question answered in the community forums is real dollars you save on answering support calls, tickets, and emails. Administrators can set up user groups that reflect typical enterprise support roles. These groups can then provide targeted support allowing a company to be highly responsive to queries. Groups can be assigned custom roles and easily moderated.

Connect with your Customers

SmartSupport’s community forums are an excellent way to build and grow a community. A community connects your customers together; customers can share their experience, ask questions, post tips, and even answer other users’ questions.

In addition, a community is a great tool for collecting feedback. What better way to conduct market research than by tuning in directly with your most involved customers? Learn valuable insight into changing customer needs and how your company is being perceived.

Tools and Features


SmartSupport gives your customers and employees the best-in-class forums platform to engage with each other. The platform is equipped with a fully-featured text editor that offers rich posting tools. The editor includes tools for posting links, images, and videos. Users have the ability to subscribe to forum posts to get immediate updates via email, phone, or RSS when there is a reply or a new post.


A powerful search engine allows users to search across all the support data contained within the knowledge base and forums including articles, comments, posts, alerts, attachments, and more.

Natural language search algorithm works to understand intent behind each question making it easier for the user to quickly find the right answer. Advanced search features include faceted search, hit highlighting, spelling, synonyms, and advanced search refinement. The faceted search lets users categorize results and drill down to the specific answer. Help your customer and employees quickly find the information they are looking for.


The ability to organize and present content in a clean and intuitive way is the key to a good user experience. SmartSupport forums are structured around topics, which make content organization very easy. The tree format design allows administrators to quickly build topic hierarchies best suited for the community.

To further improve organization, users have the ability to tag. Tagging helps with content discovery: sorting posts by tags allows users to see all the content associated with that word or phrase.

Theme Customization

SmartSupport includes incredibly powerful but easy to use customization tools, allowing organizations to brand their community forums with almost limitless freedom. Match your existing website or develop an exciting new style. In addition, the platform comes equipped with pre-made themes. Change the appearance of your community forum with a click of a button.

Administrative Tools

SmartSupport offers a variety of moderation tools. Set up workflows to efficiently review and approve content. Give users moderating and administrative privileges based on their role in the forum community.

Multi-Portal Capabilities

SmartSupport’s portal capabilities allow administrators to run multiple forums, each customized and themed for its specific audience. Administrator can quickly switch between portals, making forum moderation extremely easy.

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