SmartSupport: Knowledge Base and Community Forum Platform

SmartSupport is a cutting-edge self-help platform that unifies online knowledge base and community forum capabilities into one. SmartSupport provides any knowledge base administrator with sophisticated tools for organizing, managing, and improving support content. The user-friendly interface allows customers and Support Agents to quickly and intuitively find answers they are looking for in record time.

Advantages of a Knowledge Base Platform

Lower Support Costs

Web self-service lowers costs. Every question SmartSupport helps answer is real dollars you save on answering support calls, tickets and emails.

Improve Customer Service

SmartSupport makes finding answers easy: a quick search brings up all the available support information related to the topic. This means customers can avoid long calls and lengthy email exchanges with customer support. In addition, SmartSupport provides 24×7, round the clock support so your customers are never left on their own.

Improve Internal Processes

Next to the customer relationship itself, the most precious resource in a contact center is an agent’s time. Having front-and-center access to a comprehensive repository of organizational knowledge helps agents work faster and allows for more helpful and personalized service.

Training Tool

If you have new employees, SmartSupport can be an excellent training tool. Even the newest administrators can begin resolving service requests by referring to solutions that are logged in the knowledge base or pre-populated in quick list items.

Why SmartSupport?

Simple and Intuitive

The SmartSupport platform is clean and simple, and extremely user-friendly. SmartSupport simplifies the job of a knowledge base administrator by providing all the necessary tools for organizing, managing, and optimizing knowledge from one place. The internal dashboard gives administrators a quick summary of the tasks at hand, items that have been recently added, feedback that has been received, community forum posts, article comments, and much more. Administrators can rely on predefined workflows or create them on the fly, set completion/approval paths, and create rules based auto assignments. In addition, the Email-to-Knowledge Base feature makes it easy to quickly add content and documents to the knowledge base: articles are automatically created and queued up for approval.

Quick Set-up, Fast Deployment

Because SmartSupport is SaaS (Software as a Service), setting up and deploying a support site takes minutes. As a cloud based solution, SmartSupport works in any web environment and does not require IT maintenance. If you are looking to add powerful knowledge base and community forum management capabilities to your website, look no further.

Highly Customizable

SmartSupport is highly customizable. The platform comes pre-loaded with a variety of ready-to-go templates, which can be enabled and previewed in seconds. Fine tune the logo, fonts, and colors from within the platform or make changes within the theme code yourself: administrators have full control over the front-end design. Or, to make it easier and have our designers create your personal knowledge base site in less than 24 hours.

As a plug-and-play solution, SmartSupport offers a wider range of tools and features, and can function as unified platform or as standalone knowledge base and community forum applications. In addition, the platform easily integrates with third party software. All the updates, scaling needs, and custom technological upgrades are done on our end without interrupting the functionality of your support site.

24×7 Support from any device

Because SmartSupport is web-based, users can access the support site from any time of the day. Responsive design ensures that your support site is readily accessible via computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is also useful for field agents who depend on reliable access to a knowledge base or need instant feedback from head office.

Tools and Features

Article Editor

Create rich articles with real-time editing and preview capabilities. Supplement your content with rich media. Upload documents, videos, images, and more. Create article templates using quick short-codes. SmartSupport supports all the popular file types and allows article importing. Use article history versioning to make changes and keep track of the changes, make comparisons or restore all changes that have been made.


Portals allow organizations to effectively manager knowledge across different audiences. Design a specialized support site for your customers, call center staff, sales team, and more.

The central dashboard makes portal management a breeze. Administrators can group users and control portal access by department. Administrators can also notify users in a given department when a support article has been added or altered within a given subject.

Changing the look and feel of a site takes just a few clicks. No template redesigning. No content modification. Create as many as portals as you need and ensure that every audience receives the best support.

Community Forums

SmartSupport’s community forums allow administrators to publically communicate with users. Instead of trapping useful information in email exchanges, knowledge becomes available to the entire community. Forums offer the same workflows, routing, and notification capabilities as email and the same moderation and analytical tool that knowledge offers. Realize the value of shared knowledge and grow your community.

Search Engine

A powerful search engine allows users to search across all the support data contained within the knowledge base and forums including articles, comments, posts, alerts, attachments, and more.

Natural language search algorithm works to understand intent behind each question making it easier for the user to quickly find the right answer. Advanced search features include faceted search, hit highlighting, spelling, synonyms, and advanced search refinement. The faceted search lets users categorize results and drill down to the specific answer. Help your customer and employees quickly find the information they are looking for.

Troubleshooting Guides

Create interactive, step-by-step, decision-tree guide to make to quickly guide users to the right answer. By break down complex instructions, troubleshooting guides prevent users from getting lost and improve the effectiveness of your support site.

SmartTEST Article Optimizer

SmartTEST Article Optimizer is a patented tool for analyzing and improving support site performance. Using A/B testing, administrators can identify the strengths and weaknesses of an article and work to improve the overall performance of their support site.


SmartSupport features a highly configurable workflow engine that makes knowledge management easy and intuitive. Set up moderator permissions to manage users’ roles and abilities for viewing, updating, publishing, and routing information. Create business rules to ensure no support queries are abandoned or left unanswered. Even rely on workflows to create custom reports on user activity and article performance.


SmartSupport’s enterprise-grade reporting and analytical tools allow administrators to measure knowledge base performance in real time. Get a compete overview of how customers and agents are using your platform, diagnose the root causes behind failed interaction and escalations, perform gap analysis, and improve your support center ROI.

Case Deflection

If a user cannot resolve their problem with the help of the knowledge base forums, alternate support channels are available. SmartSupport readily integrates with call centers and help desk services giving users the ability to call or chat with a support representative or submit a support ticket. Safeharbor has a decade of experience working with support centers.

Email to Knowledge Base

Email to knowledge provides the convenience of growing a knowledge base without the need to leave your inbox. Simply set up your SmartSupport contributor email, review the content, and publish it directly to your support site. Receive team contributions without providing unnecessary access to admin tools.


Notify users about important notices or upcoming events via alerts. Simply create a new alert, determine the start date and time, add the period of time you want it displayed, add additional details and publish. No follow-up or manual removal required. Alerts automatically format and can be placed anywhere within the theme.


SmartSupport offers an intuitive form creator. Forms are easy to customize and edit and can be displayed anywhere on the support site.

Social Media

Social media is instrumental to understanding the customer experience. SmartSupport offers complete social media integration, allowing administrators to pay careful attention to customer feedback and join the conversation when necessary.


SmartSupport is a highly customizable and feature rich knowledge management platform. SmartSupport gives knowledge base administrators great flexibility in managing and improving content by offering a wide selection of tools and features to work with. Equipped with a powerful search engine, advanced reporting, troubleshooting guides, workflows, custom forms, alert, patented SmartTest Article Optimizer and many more, SmartSupport offers the latest technological innovation in customer self-service. Maximize your ROI and improve customer service by deflecting support emails, calls, and tickets with SmartSupport.

Sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to set up a support knowledge base and community forums for your website.

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