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SmartSupport lets you streamline customer support and web self-service with an intuitive knowledge base software platform. Powerful knowledge base management tools give you full control over your support content, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction scores and reduce operational costs. Provide your customers and agents with the best answers while lowering the workload and support costs.

Easy Article Creation

Create rich articles with real-time editing, preview and publishing capabilities. The intuitive editor makes it easy to organize and manage support content. Supplement your content with rich media. Upload documents, videos, images, and more. SmartSupport supports all the popular file types.

Powerful Search

SmartSupport’s search engine offers excellent search capabilities, relevancy and accuracy. Rely on natural language search, hit highlighting, faceted navigation, rich document handling, content tagging, and more to find the most relevant information.

Optimize Your Knowledge Base, Maximize ROI

Improve customer satisfaction and knowledge base performance. SmartSupport™ is equipped with a patented article optimizer that helps knowledge base administrators prove out hard work and maximize knowledge base ROI.

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Interactive Troubleshooting Guides

Create interactive, step-by-step, decision-tree guides. Have your field experts seamlessly build interactive walk-throughs – providing the best troubleshooting procedures to your team and your customers. Use the troubleshooting tool to deliver expert answers in record time.

Knowledge Base Portals

Create a unique support portal for each customer group and product. Every portal can be customized with a different look and feel and specific configurations. SmartSupport connects with external databases allowing you to work with real-time data. Have as many custom portals as you like and easily manage them all from the central SmartSupport dashboard. Your agents can instantly become current on every interaction a customer has with you support portals and deliver outstanding service.

Email to Knowledge Base

Create support content on-the-fly. Simply set up your trusted email contributor list, review the content that is sent, and publish directly to your knowledge base!

  • Populate your knowledge base as you respond to customer’s questions via email.
  • Add to your knowledge base from a mobile phone or when there’s no access to a web browser.
  • Receive team contributions without providing unnecessary access to the admin tool.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms to display on your website. Forms are a great way to collect information from a visitor to the website. SmartSupport lets you create and fully customize your forms and display them anywhere on your knowledge base support site.


Use alerts to remind users about important notices or upcoming events. Alerts can be displayed anywhere on the site. Once the user has seen the message, the alert box can be closed – no manual removal required. Setting up the alerts is easy. Choose time and display period, add additional details and publish!

Reports and Analytics

Gauge the quality of your customer’s experience in real-time with powerful reports and analytical tools. Get a complete overview of how customers and agents are using your knowledge base and forums platform. SmartSupport’s analytical tools help diagnose the root cause behind failed interactions and escalations, enabling you to improve you community forum and knowledge base.


SmartSupport features a highly configurable workflow engine that makes knowledge base management easy and intuitive.

Set up moderator controls for forum and knowledge base management. Create business rules to ensure against unfinished or abandoned support requests. Even add private notes that only staff can see.

Set up permissions for publishing, updating, and routing information among your in-house or field agents.

Theme Customization

Quickly fine-tune your external knowledge base site. Customize logos, fonts, colors, layout, and features – completely replicate the look and feel of your brand. Any template can be enabled and previewed in seconds. To make it easier, have our designers create your personal knowledge base site in less than 24 hours.

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User Feedback

Users generated feedback helps knowledge base administrators improve support site performance. If the question is not resolved or additional information is requested, the articles can be rated and pushed to a knowledge base administrator who will provide the appropriate answer.


The platform offers plug-and-play integration capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated with other third party applications. Extend your customer data and conversations by integrating your SmartSupport knowledge base with key business tools.

Social Media

Today’s customers are highly reliant in social media to share their experiences as well as to get feedback. SmartSupport™ has a fully integrated social media support which allows you to listen to customer comments and join the conversation. Social Media seamlessly integrates into SmartSupport™ giving you an even more comprehensive view of your customers.

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