SmartSupport Case Study: SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Bank is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies, providing deposit, credit, trust, and investment services to a broad range of clients. In order to be more effective with its Online Banking customer support, SunTrust moved to Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform – SmartSupport™.

SmartSupport™ has proven to be extremely effective at connecting customers with vast amounts of support information. Powerful search capabilities allow SunTrust’s customers to quickly find answers themselves instead of contacting the SunTrust call center directly.

Safeharbor’s Knowledge Base Platform

SunTrust chose Safeharbor’s SmartSupport™ knowledge base platform — a cost effective, cutting-edge product that fully met customer needs. Smart-Support™ improved the user facing support site with an easily customizable, intuitive interface while giving SunTrust an extensive arsenal of analytical and administrative tools.

Safeharbor’s knowledge management services team customized the support site to match SunTrust’s branding and website look and feel. Safeharbor also optimized the design to ensure that finding the right information was fast and easy for customers. While transferring SunTrust’s support content to the new platform, Safeharbor reformatted articles and provided content revisions to improve ease of use.


Safeharbor’s SmartSupport™ was quick to deliver results and SunTrust has experienced the following results:

Support site’s bounce rate was lowered by 20%. Upon moving to SmartSupport™, 9 out of 10 Online Banking customers that access the support site use the knowledge base to try to find their own answers through self-service instead of contacting Call Center agents by phone or email.

The intuitive SmartSupport™ site redesign is credited with deflecting Call Center phone calls and emails by increasing customer self-service with SmartSupport™.

Customer satisfaction improved by 30%. Based on customer feedback surveys before and after site upgrade, customers are overwhelmingly more satisfied with the answers they find through self-service after Safeharbor’s knowledge management team improved content in SmartSupport™.

Safeharbor’s SmartSupport™ is an intuitive, easy-to-use, feature-rich solution that is enabling us to deliver an exceptional level of customer service. We have seen our support site bounce rate decrease by 20% and customer satisfaction increase by 30% since moving to SmartSupport™!

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