Unified Knowledge Base and Forums Platform

Why rely on email to answer the same customer questions multiple times or divide your resources between a forum and a knowledge base? By merging traditional forums with a powerful knowledge base engine, SmartSupport™ delivers a sophisticated and unique approach to knowledge management.

Have customers help each other by building a community. By integrating a powerful community forum and knowledge base software into your website, your customers will be able to independently research their answers. Customers can contribute content to knowledge base articles and community forums by adding their own comments and rating which items they found helpful and which ones they did not.

Capture, refine and reuse knowledge. New knowledge is always being created as customer issues are resolved. SmartSupport encourages your team to record knowledge as they handle tickets, create articles, moderate forums, thereby, alleviating repetitive work and streamlining content quality.

Rely on the power of the unified platform to deliver exceptional customer support. Community software provides valuable insight into changing customer needs and creates a platform for immediate feedback about products, services, and how your company is perceived. When you empower consumers to share experiences, ideas and advice, they become trusted resources for cost-effective peer-to-peer support. In the process, customers’ contributions turn them into community experts and generate reusable content for your knowledge base.

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