SmartTEST Article Optimizer

Knowledge Base Optimization Made Easy

  • Justify Your Work. Demonstrate that your knowledge base work is paying off.
  • Maximize ROI. Systematically optimize your knowledge base performance and user satisfaction.
  • Understand Your Knowledge Base. Thoroughly analyze knowledge base performance.

Justify the work that goes into running a Knowledge Base

Demonstrate Your Hard Work. Use quantitative test data to substantiate your work and test the effectiveness of your projects.

Justify Current and Future Investments in Your Knowledge Base. Convince your upper management that the knowledge base is benefiting your organization.

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Maximize the ROI of your Knowledge Base

Take the Guesswork Out of Improving Your Content. Rely on SmartTEST to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge base performance.

Reduce Support Requests and Improve Performance. Use SmartTEST to solve article efficiency and usage problems, increase call deflection rates and reduce in-bound interactive support requests.

Improve Customer Satisfaction. A powerful diagnostic tool, SmartTEST helps administrators better understand user behavior and knowledge base performance.

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Understand your Knowledge Base

Rely on powerful analytical & reporting tools. Learn valuable information about content performance and on-page user behavior.

Analyze and optimize any webpage. Improve the performance of your entire website, not just the knowledge base portal.

Integrate SmartTEST with our cutting-edge knowledge base and forums platform – SmartSupport. Or, use it as a stand-alone application with third-party knowledge base platforms.

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