Maximize Your Knowledge Base ROI with SmartTEST

Tired of not knowing how to improve your knowledge base? Maximize your ROI with SmartTEST!

  • Take the guesswork out of improving your content.
  • Reduce support requests and improve performance.
  • Improve user and customer satisfaction.

Maximize Knowledge Base ROI with Powerful Content Experiments

SmartTEST is designed to help knowledge base administrators optimize the performance of their knowledge base . Article-to-article comparison and page analysis give administrators an excellent understanding of performance and user behavior for each individual page. This information helps administrators discover new ways of improving their knowledge base, test the optimal ways of delivering information, and monitor knowledge base performance.

Take the Guesswork out of Improving Your Content

Dramatically challenge assumptions about the “best” way to present knowledge base content. SmartTEST substantiates your work with quantitative test data. Redesign an entire article or work out small content & design issues knowing that your work is making a difference!

Reduce Support Requests and Improve Performance

If the goal of your knowledge base is to deflect calls, it is vital that your customers have access to accurate answers. SmartTEST systematically improves support content through A/B testing methodologies and article-to-article comparisons. Continuously improve performance solving article efficiency and usage problems, increasing call deflection rates, reducing in-bound interactive support requests, and more.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A powerful diagnostic tool, SmartTEST™ helps administrators better understand how customers use the support site, thereby improving article efficiency, keyword search & return results, and more. Even seemingly small improvements can result in noticeable cost savings and significant increases in customer satisfaction scores!

Easy to Set-up, Customizable and Fully-Automated

SmartTEST experiments are easy to set-up, customize and automate. Once the experiment is set up, SmartTEST can be automated and will run in the background without any need for supervision or disruption to the user experience.

Collect Hard Data to Maximize ROI

SmartTEST experiments provide an in-depth analysis of on-page user behavior. This quantitative test data helps administrators understand why users prefer one version of a knowledge base page over the other, resulting in highly effective knowledge base optimization. Experiments allow administrators to compare and analyze:

  • Call-to-action/user actions
  • Subject lines, key phrases and tagging
  • Article layout, length and style
  • Average time on page
  • Page scrolling
  • Page entrance/exit activity
  • Survey statistics & comments

Setting up a SmartTEST Experiment

SmartTEST experiments are a powerful tool in the hands of a knowledge base administrator. To learn how experiments are set up, please visit the Use Cases overview page.

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