Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, now part of Enghouse Interactive

Safeharbor has been a leading developer of knowledge base software applications and knowledge management solutions for over 15 years. Determined to help enterprises and public sector companies deliver the most comprehensive web self-help service, Safeharbor leverages knowledge to improve customer service.

Enghouse Interactive

In September 2013, Safeharbor was acquired by Enghouse Interactive. Enghouse Interactive develops the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions, spanning structured, unstructured and self-service interactions. Core technologies include contact center, attendant console, IVR, and call recording solutions that support any telephony environment, on premise or in the cloud. Enghouse Interactive is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and has thousands of customers worldwide, supported by a global network of partners and more than 600 dedicated staff across the company’s 16 international operations.

The acquisition allows Safeharbor to extend its services and applications to the Enghouse customer base and further establishes the company as a trusted provider of knowledge solutions.

Safeharbor Expertise

Safeharbor helps organization develop and manage knowledge bases with the ultimate goal of using knowledge of assisting customers and employees. At its core is Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform SmartSupport, which empowers users with the most intuitive and reliable tools for finding answers. To provide a complete self-help solutions, we work with other managed service providers to give our customers the most comprehensive range of support channels, including contact center and business process outsourcing services, chat and phone support, and more.

On the services front Safeharbor’s knowledge engineers provide a full range of solutions for building, managing, and optimizing web self-service.We have implemented hundreds of customer support solutions and look forward to helping many more companies provide exceptional customer service and save money.

SmartSupport: Knowledge Base and Community Forums

SmartSupport is a cutting-edge platform that unifies online knowledge base and community forum management. The application offers a sophisticated set of tools for internal management and agent collaboration giving knowledge base administrator power and flexibility in managing and improving content. The external face of the application provides a user-friendly interface which allows customers to quickly and intuitively find the answers they are looking for. A web-based and feature packed application, SmartSupport™ helps you maximize ROI and improves customer service via call deflection and by providing faster, accurate answers. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to manage knowledge.

SmartTEST Article Optimizer

SmartTEST™ Article Optimizer is a patented application that maximizes knowledge base ROI. SmartTEST’s article-to-article comparisons and user behavior analysis provide quantitative results about the performance of your knowledge base. Rely on SmartTEST to increase content effectiveness, calculate and demonstrate ROI savings, improve customer satisfaction, and more. Maximize the capabilities of your knowledge base knowing that you are saving money.

Knowledge Base Management Services

Safeharbor has been providing Knowledge Management assistance to companies of all sizes, from small to Fortune 500 companies, for over a decade. Our team of experts are available to work with your teams to help with some or all of the following:

  • Content assessment
  • Content creation and testing
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge base and contact center alignment
  • Taxonomy
  • Best practices

Contact Center Services

Safeharbor’s team of industry experts can also provide Contact Center and BPO services. We analyze these services against multiple performance benchmarks and continuously seek to improve them at each level. Our customers have witnessed significant, verifiable increases in customer satisfaction and retention levels using our services.

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