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Safeharbor specializes in developing knowledge base software applications and providing knowledge management solutions. We have been in the knowledge management industry for over 15 years and are happy to assist and advise organizations searching for the right solution. We share our knowledge management expertise in the articles below.

Ruby on Rails Continues to Lead the Way

As Ruby on Rails (RoR) nears its ten year anniversary, the framework is looking more popular and grown up than ever. The list of achievements the framework has amassed is impressive: you don’t need to look further than the growing list of successful web applications built on RoR. RoR is where the web is now […]

SharePoint vs. Knowledge Base Software

Organizations looking to develop a knowledge base will often turn to SharePoint instead of trying a specialized solution. This decision stems from overestimating SharePoint’s capabilities and finding the move to a new solution inconvenient. However, using SharePoint to build a knowledge base is not a good approach. First of all, building a knowledge base with […]

Knowledge Base Management Systems

Virtually every department, from sales to customer service, relies on a management system to improve efficiency and facilitate work. A management system in this context describes specific guidelines and procedures for managing company knowledge. It also refers to the technology on which the system is built. The main role of a management system is to […]

Improving Customer Service with FAQs

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – are documents that contains support information for the most sought out questions. FAQs came about in the early days of the internet and quickly became a popular self-help tool. They continue to be widely utilized today as a reliable and effective customer support and knowledge management tool. In this […]

Using Knowledge Base to Grow a Social Presence

Social media has had a dominant presence on the web for year and continues to play a vital part in business development. Companies have come to develop elaborate strategies for how to best integrate into the social stream because being social is no longer just an option. Those embracing the opportunity gain a competitive advantage, […]

Investing in Knowledge Base Software

The solution to better customer service Knowledge base applications usually encompass a number of support tools like Wiki’s, FAQ’s, Troubleshooting Guides, Articles, Manuals, etc. making them an excellent investment for companies looking to improve customer service. Adding a knowledge base application streamlines customer service, improves agent performance, maximizes call deflection, simplifies support content management, and […]

Rethinking Customer Service Job Design

Customer service is an intricate mechanism that requires strategic forethought. Companies that put customers at the core of their service experience better customer satisfaction and generate more business. Still, while the importance of customer service is well understood, good service is surprisingly rare. Customers are valued and companies want to deliver good service, but it […]

SaaS and its role in the Enterprise Market

SaaS is short for ‘software as a service’ and represents a software delivery model. Compared to the traditional on-premise software model, the application and user data are hosted in the cloud which users then access from their personal computers. As a model of software delivery, SaaS represents a branch of the overarching cloud-computing model. Cloud-computing […]

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