Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions Innovates with a New, Unified, Cost-Effective Knowledge Management Solution

Seattle, WA — October 20, 2011 — Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, a leading knowledge management company offering a wide-range of knowledge management SaaS solutions and services, has unveiled its unified and cost-effective knowledge management solution SmartSupport™, an internal and external facing knowledge base and community platform. It is an all-in-one, plug-and-play solution that allows companies to provide their customers and employees full flexibility in accessing, interacting with and updating support content information. Additionally, SmartSupport clients can expect an ROI within six months or less.

“SmartSupport™ is the next generation in knowledge management tools,” said Wade Pfeiffer, CEO of Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions. “By examining current platforms and listening to our clients, we have conceptualized and built an intuitive and powerful knowledge management solution that is scalable to their needs and can be expanded rather than replaced with growth and content expansion. While some companies use more traditional knowledge bases and workflows, others want to expand to a community-styled platform where agents and customers alike can add, improve and access support content and information. Clients can select some or all of SmartSupport’s robust features and add more as their needs evolve. All of us at Safeharbor are thrilled about leading the way to the next generation of knowledge management.

SmartSupport Key Attributes Include:

Functionality – Adapts to the user rather than the user adapting to the application. Whether the user is a customer, a call center agent or a remote sales agent with a smart phone or mobile tablet, the solution can be used to:

  • Quickly gather critical support content
  • Easily forward, post and reply
  • Analyze, improve and update support content with ease

Search – Provides significant flexibility and search term relevance that improves the speed and accuracy of searches. Powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, and rich document handling bring back accurate results across the entire platform. The faceted search features allows for guided navigation by:

  • Categorizing search results into relevant categories or attributes
  • Isolating search results through easy-to-use “drill down” features
  • Sorting returns based on relevancy, date or data type across forum posts and articles

Set up – Includes a variety of professionally designed, extensively tested themes with multiple layout options. Easily switch between themes with a single click using the built-in theme browser. Templates are customizable to fit clients’ unique needs and are easily integrated with an existing web site. Be up and running within minutes.

Reporting – Provides enterprise-grade, at-a-glance analytics and reporting with dashboards and investigation tools. The solution illuminates knowledge gaps and identifies factors to improve the user experience.

About Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions: SafeHarbor Knowledge Solutions, a Washington based corporation founded in 1998, is a leader in knowledge management SaaS applications and solutions as well as contact center services that help organizations provide superior customer support, primarily in the technology, retail, banking, airline, communications and utility sectors. Safeharbor’s Knowledge Management Solutions group has been providing knowledge management assistance to small and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade and helps balance ongoing efficiencies with service quality and customer experience.

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