Safeharbor’s SmartSupport Implemented by SunTrust Bank to Enhance Online Banking Client Experience

Seattle, WA – May 24, 2012 – Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions (“Safeharbor”), a leading provider of knowledge management solutions, today announced that Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank is implementing Safeharbor’s SmartSupport™ technology to enhance its online banking client support channel.

The service provides a more intuitive and user-friendly knowledge base experience and information search. Equipped with state-of-the-art SmartSupport™ software, the new and enhanced “Help” support site reflects SunTrust’s standing commitment to service by improving its online clients’ ability to quickly resolve banking inquiries without having to pick up the phone.

SmartSupport™ Knowledge Management Software makes online banking easier. The knowledge base application provides a dynamic reservoir of the most up-to-date information making it easy for clients to find the most relevant answer to their questions fast. Equipped with the SmartSearch engine, SmartSupport™ provides natural language and faceted search capabilities, hit highlighting and rich document handling, tagging, and dynamic clustering features, making it extremely powerful at finding the right answers.

The addition of the SmartSupport™ Software to SunTrust’s support channel will help the company reduce inbound support inquiries and improve customer satisfaction with a sophisticated tool that simplifies knowledge research.

About Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions: Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, a Washington based corporation founded in 1998, is a leader in knowledge management SaaS applications and solutions as well as contact center services that help organizations provide superior customer support, primarily in the technology, retail, banking, airline, communications and utility sectors. Safeharbor has been providing knowledge management assistance to small and Fortune-500 companies for over a decade and helps balance ongoing efficiencies with service quality and customer experience. The unified knowledge base and community forum management platform provide a sophisticated approach to providing the most relevant information in the quickest way possible. It’s a powerful, yet simple way to manage knowledge.

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