Safeharbor Partner Program

Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions is a rapidly growing software company that specializes in cloud-based knowledge basenand forum applications. In 2011 we added dozens of small, mid-sized, as well as Fortune-500 companies such as SunTrust Bank and American Airlines to our new SaaS platform. Our Partners Program is a vital and essential part of our business strategy and is comprised of various organizations that market, resell, and implement KM software. We are committed to delivering superior benefits to our partners as well as their customers and are actively recruiting value-added referrers and resellers. Becoming a Safeharbor partner is free and simple and the benefits of joining are guaranteed to generate a profit. Join the many businesses that are already using Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions!

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a Safeharbor Partner:

  • High Commission: 30% for each sale or referral.
  • Software that sells itself: Customers quickly appreciate ROI.
  • Simple and Easy: We supply our resellers and referrers with SaaS demos, videos, images, and tutorials making demoing and learning extremely easy and intuitive.
  • Dependable: We provide unlimited sales and customer support to ensure nothing but excellent customer service via web, email, and phone 24/7.
  • Easy to deploy: Our software is SaaS and cloud-based – no IT or installation hassle.
  • Compelling price points: Competitive pricing makes our software affordable to small companies and scalable for large businesses.

What our Software offers to businesses:

  • Immediate ROI: Knowledge base and Forums save businesses time and money for customer support, field and sales reps, and more.
  • For customers: Improves customer satisfaction and ease of KB navigation by providing answers that customers and employees want, quickly and efficiently.
  • For agents: Improves the speed and accuracy of agent response; field agents use SmartSupport for training and as a sales tool.

We offer the following services:

  • SmartSupport: A powerful and brand-new, single platform for knowledge base, forums, forms, FAQ’s, alerts, CBR, ticketing, API’s to popular CRM/chat tools, and much more!
  • SmartTEST Article Optimizer: Our patent-pending tool for knowledge-base content optimization.
  • Knowledge Management Services: We offer a wide selection of knowledge base services, including: Content Creations and Consolidation, Knowledge Management Analysis and Recommendation, Taxonomy and Standards, and more.
  • Custom tools: Safeharbor offers a range of custom add-ons, such as a ticketing system, to meet the specific needs of our customers.

To learn more about Safeharbor’s Partner program please e-mail us at, or click here to submit information to us right now.

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