About Knowledge Management

Knowledge management comprises a range of strategies and practices used to identify, create, and share insights and expertise that facilitate customer support. The goal of knowledge management is to help companies maximize the utility of their knowledge to provide better support to customers and employees.

What is Knowledge?

The term knowledge represents all the technical knowledge that a company owns: know-how & expertise, competencies, market experiences, etc. This includes materials deliberately created for support purposes – knowledge base articles, product manuals, FAQ’s etc. Equally important and valuable is knowledge that is often times left out: information hidden in emails, support tickets, or undocumented employee expertise (tribal knowledge).

Using your Knowledge

Knowledge management seeks to maximize the power of knowledge by developing a company’s intellectual capital. What if your field expert could resolve twice as many customer support issues? Or, what if your customers could research answers independently instead of relying on the call center for assistance?

Knowledge management improves the effectiveness of you support channels by capitalizing on the knowledge of your company. It also promotes collaboration and helps connect customer and employees with the right information. The ability to quickly find a subject matter expert and get the answer to a question or assistance is key to providing excellent customer support.

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