SmartTEST Offers Cutting-Edge Tools and Features

SmartTEST’s powerful tools and features help you analyze and improve the performance of your knowledge base.

  • Powerful analytical & reporting tools.
  • Versatile content optimization.
  • SmartSupport & third-party knowledge base platform integration.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Powerful Analytics provide valuable information about content performance and on-page user behavior. Learn how your customers look for information via search and click-through interaction and identify stronger performing content.

SmartTEST Trial Reports present an in-depth analysis of the experiment, providing information about the Average Time Spent on Page, Total Page & Unique Page Views, Percentage of the Page Scrolled, Estimated ROI, user link interaction and more.

Analyze and Optimize Any Web-Page

SmartTEST’s powerful optimization capabilities makes it an agile and powerful tool for analyzing and improving the performance of your website. While designed primarily for knowledge base articles, the tool is highly versatile and can be used to test any pages of your website.

SmartTEST lets administrators compare and study any kind of on-page content – FAQs, manuals, marketing advertising, and more.

Use SmartTEST to direct traffic between pages. Increase the percentage of customer support inquiries directed to a selected channel or direct users towards a specific action on the page.

SmartSupport Platform and Third-party Integration

SmartTEST integrates completely with Safeharbor’s knowledge base and forum management platform – SmartSupport – and can also be used as a stand-alone feature with third party knowledge base applications.

SmartSupport offers internal and external tools for knowledge base and community forum management and allows companies to maximize the potential of their knowledge. With the new SmartTEST™ functionality, SmartSupport offers knowledge base administrators complete control of their knowledge base content performance.

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