SmartTEST Use Cases

SmartTEST is a highly versatile tool for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing knowledge base performance. The three use cases below demonstrate some common applications of SmartTEST.

Maximizing Knowledge Base ROI

Use Case 1

Is your article work improving your knowledge base ROI? In this use case, we demonstrate how SmartTEST can be used to substantiate knowledge base investments. Show how the work you’ve invested in rewriting a knowledge base article translates into monthly ROI savings and improves customer satisfaction.

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Improving Navigation and Directing Users

Use Case 2

Are your customers finding their answers quickly and intuitively? In this use case, we demonstrate how SmartTEST can be used to prove out improvements in article organization and navigation. Quickly direct customers to the best possible answer.

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Tracking and Analyzing User Behavior

Use Case 3

Analyze user behavior and learn how visitors are using your support site. In this use case, we show how SmartTEST allows knowledge base administrators to learn more about user behavior. Understanding the user helps create a better performing knowledge base.

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